certified with precision nutrition diploma


Dr.Wael is a pharmacist, he is customized in diet plan since 4 years, officially certified with precision nutrition diploma in addition to clinical diploma Using all skills and knowledge that can serve our goal.

About Us

  • We are health consultant, taking care of our client from A to Z.
  • Using all lab tests, we create a customized program to reach the target.
  • Losing weights or gaining muscles
    Whatever the target is we use our customized plan to reach that goal from 30 to 90 days
    This diet plan changed every 10 days based on the results with follow up 24/7.
  • After registration full team will be dedicated to you
    Plus having our virtual assistant that will organize everything related to your life from A to z.
  • Follow up in the clinic on weekly basis , at the end our micro management to each client can lead to our target.
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Follow up plans.

Customized diet plans
Reminders & Assistance

Weekly clinic visit
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Our Services

We offer the best services. We are health consultants, Providing A to Z Services to our clients regarding their health.
Using all lab tests, we create a customized program to reach the target
Losing weights or gaining muscles.

Customized Diet Plans

Customized diet plan based on ( your life style + your lab tests)

Workout Plans​

Reshaping through ( workout plan at Home or Gym)

Reminders & Assistance​

Reminders and act as virtual assistant for your specific diet plan

24/7 Services​

Quick Response
One To One Communication
Online Therapy Sessions 

Weekly Clinic Visit

Checkups & Lab Tests
Analyzing Reports
Exclusive Weekly Appointments

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